Channel Architects’ Design Proposal: Bankers Heights Mega Project.

Lahore, 05/02/2023 – Channel Architects & Engineers, a renowned architecture and engineering firm based in Lahore, has unveiled its innovative design proposal for the Bankers Heights Shopping Mall, Apartments and Hotel. The ambitious 26-storey building is set to become a major landmark and a significant driver of economic growth in Lahore.

The proposed development, located on a 1.5-acre plot in the bustling Bankers Town, will feature a plethora of amenities, including three basement levels for parking, a fully equipped modern health center with a gym, spa, swimming pool, and indoor sports facilities. In addition, the complex will house a state-of-the-art cinema, shopping mall, and restaurants across the ground floor and three additional floors, designed with open planning inspired by Manchester’s Trafford Centre. The upper floors will comprise luxurious penthouses and a five-star hotel, providing premium accommodation options for both local and international visitors.

bankers heights view 2 Lahore

Bankers Heights is strategically situated, with direct access to Lahore’s infamous Ring Road and just a 10-minute drive from Allama Iqbal Airport. This prime location ensures seamless connectivity to the city and its surrounding areas, positioning the development as an attractive destination for tourists and business travelers alike.

Channel Architects & Engineers is committed to prioritizing environmental sustainability in the project. The building will incorporate energy-efficient systems, eco-friendly materials sourced responsibly, and sustainable design elements that minimize its environmental footprint. This conscious approach will not only benefit Lahore’s environment but also set an example for future developments in the city.

The Bankers Heights Shopping Mall, Apartments and Hotel is expected to stimulate the local economy by generating employment opportunities, attracting investment, and promoting tourism. This economic boost will contribute to uplifting the local community and lifting people out of poverty.

With this groundbreaking proposal, Channel Architects & Engineers demonstrates its unwavering commitment to shaping Lahore’s urban landscape through innovative, sustainable, and economically beneficial developments. As the project progresses, it is poised to redefine the city’s skyline and contribute to a brighter future for Lahore and its residents.