IVY Roots school dha bahawalpur

Roots IVY International School – A Modern Educational Facility Inspired by Bahawalpur’s Rich Heritage

IVY Roots school, DHA Bahawalpur

Channel Architects & Engineers takes pride in having designed and constructed the Roots IVY International School in DHA Bahawalpur, a state-of-the-art institution inspired by the city’s historical architecture and cultural heritage. Our team skillfully blended elements of Bahawalpur’s landmark buildings with modern amenities, creating a unique and visually appealing learning environment.

The school’s exterior showcases a harmonious fusion of Islamic and local architectural styles, reflecting the iconic landmarks found throughout Bahawalpur. Inside, students and faculty enjoy contemporary facilities equipped with the latest technology, promoting a comfortable and conducive learning atmosphere.

Roots IVY International School stands as a testament to Channel Architects & Engineers’ expertise in designing and constructing buildings that pay homage to a region’s rich history while incorporating modern elements for a truly exceptional experience. Explore this remarkable project and discover how we bring history and innovation together in perfect harmony.

Project Details


May 8, 2019


DHA Bahawalpur


Channel Architects & Engineers


Channel Architects & Engineers

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DHA Primiary School DHA Bahawalpur facade
school under construction Pakistan
DHA Primiary School DHA Bahawalpur
Modern School Facilities
Modern Fully Equipped Lecture Hall
Completed Construction of School in Pakistan